Saturday, September 11, 2010

Two-Hundred and Fifty-Four. Where to Hide a Stuffy.

Two-Hundred and Fifty-Three. Ficus.

Two-Hundred and Fifty-Two. Weezy.

Two-Hundred and Fifty-One. Poke.

Two-Hundred and Fifty. The End of and Era.

Two-Hundred and Forty-Nine. Look Up.

Two-Hundred and Forty-Eight. My God Gave Me A Rod, For Fishing.

Two-Hundred and Forty-Seven. Down the Path.

Two-Hundred and Forty-Six. Which Story Do You See?

Two-Hundred and Forty-Five. The Right Kind of Vandalism.

Two-Hundred and Forty-Four. Grey.

Two-Hundred and Forty-Three. The Singular.

Two-Hundred and Forty-Two. Closed.

Two-Hundred and Forty-One. How You Will Always Look To Me.

Two-Hundred and Forty. His Doghouse.

Thumper and his doghouse. There are so many stories of Thumper and his doghouse. From him never being happy with how you arrange his blankets and how he would pull them outside, to how he would always jump up on it and sit there. Thumper loved to sit on his doghouse. He had a view directly into my room for many years and he would always sit and watch me. I remember on those summer nights when the windows were open, Thumper would sit on his doghouse and I would poke my head out the window and talk to him. Then after our home remodel that room became the living room and he would still sit and watch us eat dinner and walk through the house. Up and down, up and down, until he couldn't any longer. Thumper always loved sitting on his doghouse. Later on in the years he spent more and more time in his house and I think what we will remember from those years is his constant barking...inside his doghouse.

Two-Hundred and Thirty-Nine. What I Remember...

Two-Hundred and Thirty-Eight. Such a Sport.

Thumper was always a good sport with certain things. A couple of times I had made him different Halloween outfits to wear just for a short period of time. I remember one year putting a lot of work into a set of wings and a halo. Thumper was not fond of that get up, but wore it for a few minutes to amuse me. In this photo I got Thumper a pumpkin hat. We only got one photo of him with it on because that was about the longer he would have it for. I also remember sweaters. Thumper always wanted to be outside, even when there was a foot of snow on the ground. I had got him several different sweaters to keep him snug and warm and after about ten minutes there he would be naked and the sweater would be somewhere in the yard. He was a master at getting out of those things.

Two-Hundred and Thirty-Seven. Dirty Mouth.

Thumper loved many things in his life and dirt was one of them. Being part beagle he had a nose for smells, and he used it. Thumper would always be snooting around and sniffing out new scents. He also liked to bury things. But Thumper dug and buried in a very special way: with his nose. He was a master at digging holes. Sometimes better than other dogs who used their paws. Burying things was one of his most notable traits. Corn cobs, bones, name it and Thumper buried it. He also loved to rub his snout on the ground. He would put his nose on the ground, pick up his front feet, and walk with his back feet. He would turn his head side to side allowing his direction to vary. Even at the very end he still rubbed his snout on the ground.