Friday, February 5, 2010

Day Thirty-Six. Snow, again?!

Every morning, after I wake up, I go around and open the shades to let the morning light flow in when the sun rises. This morning started off dark and wet, like the past several weeks have. I finish with my hair and make-up a while later and finally open the shade in my main bathroom. Up goes the roll shade and down goes my jaw. These huge, lumpy snow flakes were falling with a sort of determination towards the earth. Heavy and certainly they drifted from the sky down to the ground clinging to what short life they might have. It was almost as if the heavens just opened up as these monstrous flakes descended. As much as I am ready for the spring weather and for the mud to dry up, seeing these snow flakes dance with life made me smile. When the snow falls things change. Things that were not clean become clean, the grunge and human touch is manipulated into something entirely different. Something pure. The trees grow, the ground becomes a new canvas again. It is amazing, the forgiving powers of a freshly fallen snow.