Monday, August 23, 2010

Two-Hundred and Thirty-Five. Good-Bye, My Sweet Friend.

You were my boy, my friend, my dog, and I love you.
I will miss how you used to hop when you ran.
I will miss how you would sit and shake paws.
I will miss how you would bark as I would come and leave.
I will miss how you and I would have adventures on our walks.
I will miss how you knew I was near, even when you could not see or hear me.
I will miss how you would bury and dig with your nose.
I will miss how you would rub your snout on the ground.
I will miss all of these things, but most of all I will miss you.
Until we meet again; run free, chase toads, sniff until you can't sniff any more...and wait for me.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Two-Hundred and Thirty. The Forest for the Trees.

This area is along a stretch of highway near my family's acreage. It seems so plain and tree-y as you are driving by, but when you actually stop and take a look it's rather amazing.

Two-Hundred and Twenty-Nine. How He Says Goodbye.

Scoot is such a good boy. Whenever I come home he runs outside to the fence line and is all smiles and wags. But when I leave he gets this particular look on his face as if to say "Please don't go". He never wags or smiles when he knows I'm leaving, even when I try to get him to.

Two-Hundred and Twenty-Eight. The Tail's Tale.

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